Our Services – Friendly and Caring

Our comprehensive range of services include:-

  • Emergency call out
  • Comprehensive check- ups with x-rays if needed
  • Scale & polish and gum treatment

Most elderly people usually need professional cleaning to augment their own efforts.

  • Fillings: with our portable delivery system, we are able to provide aesthetically pleasing fillings for both anterior and posterior teeth. We do not use dental amalgams.
  • Crowns and bridges: Our crowns are made of high quality porcelain which will match the shade of your teeth. Other materials like gold can also be used if you so desire.
  • Tooth extraction: Most extractions can be done on site. However if your medical history requires that you have it done in a hospital, you will be promptly referred.
  • Denture fabrication- We provide different types of dentures (full dentures, partial dentures, cobalt chrome dentures and flexible dentures.) We¬† repair and reline dentures too.
  • We also provide Dental In-service education and training